There Is A Plan


Do you think of certain people or events and it makes you mad?  Emotions have a way of playing with your mind.  There are not many things that make me angry, but there have been a few over the years.   How about knowing that if we had sold our home during the ‘rush,’ I wouldn’t have to be as concerned today with making ends meet.   I guess I could continue to kick myself.  Or, expect that there was a reason events fell the way they did.   There is a plan, the Master’s plan!  I just need to patiently wait and see.  He knows best.  One day it might all make sense to me.  Can you imagine just sitting back and believing that God will make everything right?



Do you think of certain people or events and it makes you sad?   I spent time over the last vacation cleaning out the spare room closet.  I found all sorts of reminders, mementos of family and friends. Some of those folks are no longer living on this earth.  I did take some time to dream and then cry, knowing that I would never see them again, not during my life time on this earth.  Yet, as a believer in an afterlife, heaven is sure to be filled with those people I once knew here.  What would that look like?  That’s where my faith comes in because I have no answers.  I just know.  Other things can make me sad, too, but as I remind myself, it is usually short-lived.   Have a good cry, then pull up those big girl panties and march!   There are people to see, places to go, things to do.