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Take Time For His Word

Have you ever noticed that there could be several people listening or reading the same Bible verses only to find that each person heard something different that applied in their own personal life? And, if reading that same verse later, God could be telling you something different this time. How awesome! It never ceases to […]

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Care To Comment?

  My desire to learn, whether it is to read, to watch  a documentary or to discuss with others an interesting topic, has led me to some of the best thoughts and ideas.  It has actually helped me become a better person.  I certainly think we can learn something each and every day.  We have […]

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Do You Have a Story?

Seems like whoever I talk to, they have stories to tell about how the Lord spoke to them.   I know that Scripture is referred to as the Living Word, God’s Word alive.  I sense it is God’s way of talking to each of us in the present so why am I always amazed to hear […]

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