Is God Telling You to Exercise or Lose Weight




I know I need to shed a few pounds.  Everybody talks about diets and the gym. Now it’s my turn, yet I would rather not.  After talking to a colleague today about her newest plan to lose weight, I thought about some recent research that claimed that people who slept more were slimmer.  Well, of course!  If you are sleeping, you’re not eating.  Not rocket science, right?    My friend’s theory was to only consider eating within 8 hours during the course of each day.  Again, if you purposefully limit your food intake to a certain number of hours, that should help matters.   All of this takes will power, though.  Here is where I get stuck.  I have a theory, though.  If I get down on my knees in prayer 1/3 of my waking hours, of course asking God for a svelte body, that would help me lose weight.  Right?  It would keep me from checking the refrigerator and pantry for snacks, too.   “Leave me alone, I am praying!”  And, see how the pounds are just sliding off?  Seriously, God loves me just as I am.  I stopped trying to look like the movie stars. It’s not in my genes.


Do you think of certain people or events and it makes you sad?   I spent time over the last vacation cleaning out the spare room closet.  I found all sorts of reminders, mementos of family and friends. Some of those folks are no longer living on this earth.  I did take some time to dream and then cry, knowing that I would never see them again, not during my life time on this earth.  Yet, as a believer in an afterlife, heaven is sure to be filled with those people I once knew here.  What would that look like?  That’s where my faith comes in because I have no answers.  I just know.  Other things can make me sad, too, but as I remind myself, it is usually short-lived.   Have a good cry, then pull up those big girl panties and march!   There are people to see, places to go, things to do.

Keep It Clean!

“Hear me, Lord: don’t let me get caught up with all the worldly rubbish.  Keep my mind pure and clean and then able to help others to do the same.”

file0001256502069Jesus, in the short time of his public ministry, showed us everything to live by.  Recently, I was appalled at how social media has been used by evil people to spread terrorism around the world.  Really, aren’t the many quotes in scripture reminders to us about the tongue and about gossip and the consequences of spreading evil and starting trouble?  Nowhere does scripture mention the internet.  It doesn’t have to.     The Bible doesn’t mention television either.  Yet we are too avoid watching certain programs because of the damage it can do to our minds and our attitude — all based on God’s word.  It’s captivating, though, and can become addictive to be part of the rumors.

Care To Comment?


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My desire to learn, whether it is to read, to watch  a documentary or to discuss with others an interesting topic, has led me to some of the best thoughts and ideas.  It has actually helped me become a better person.  I certainly think we can learn something each and every day.  We have a responsibility to do so.   Seriously!  A favorite memory that I have from my childhood is sitting at the dinner table as a family.  We, all five of us, were each expected to recall something we learned that day and share it.  Even if my mother could only mention that the stew would have tasted much better if she had not run out of onions!  I had plenty to say because I kept track of all kinds of trivia throughout the day in order to have the floor that evening.   Even then, I wanted to be a good speaker, reporting the news.  It was the best way to get my parents attention for a few minutes and it usually sparked some discussion as well.  Care to comment?
Well, as long as my brain can process information, I don’t want a day to go by that I can’t say I have something new to share.  Are you learning? Be a ‘life-long learner!’

Do You Have a Story?

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Seems like whoever I talk to, they have stories to tell about how the Lord spoke to them.   I know that Scripture is referred to as the Living Word, God’s Word alive.  I sense it is God’s way of talking to each of us in the present so why am I always amazed to hear yet another story?  Maybe because it is a reminder of how real Jesus is in our lives.   He pays attention to us; He cares about us.  I am interested in stories about how God works in our lives from the big struggles to the minutest details.   He IS in charge!  Why do I doubt that?   As far back as I can recall, my mother subscribed to a periodical that had an article each month called ‘His Mysterious Ways.’  It was always the first piece I rushed to read.  Those stories reminded me that God is always with us.  Do you have a story to tell?

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