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At Genesis Counseling we apply accredited psychological methods used within the fields of mental health professionals, and we add the insights of the Word of God to help people deal with the issues of life.

Our trained and committed counselors do not sit in judgment or take sides with those who come to Genesis. They are dedicated Christian people who care about the well being of each person who calls upon us for help. This includes the mental, emotional and spiritual well being of all.

Many who come to us have no religious or church background. They have found a caring and comfortable atmosphere where they can honestly and openly address their personal issues. Confidentiality is a priority with us at Genesis.

Christians have found a place of encouragement, reassurance and direction as they come to us. Young, old, single or married, we are ready to assist you in facing the difficult issues life brings.

Let us help you live a full and happy life!

6 Reasons to Choose Genesis Counseling

Helping all in need

Genesis Counseling serves both Christian believers and those who have no faith background.

Appropriate methods

We use appropriate psychological methods used within the field of mental health professionals, and add the insights of the Word of God to help people deal with the issues of life.

Highly qualified

All counselors at Genesis Counseling hold at least a Masters degree from accredited Universities.

Highly Experienced

At Genesis Counseling we have over 65 years of combined years of counseling experience.


Genesis Counseling has both male and female counselors available to help you in your needs while keeping confidentiality a high priority.


Genesis Counseling offers special rates to lower the cost of multiple sessions and extended therapy.

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We're growing - Genesis Counseling now has 2 locations:

12553 New Brittany Blvd Suite 32, Fort Myers, FL 33907

12557 New Brittany Blvd Suite 31, Fort Myers, FL 33907


Mon – Fri 09:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sat – 09:00 AM – 2:00 PM