Keep It Clean!

“Hear me, Lord: don’t let me get caught up with all the worldly rubbish.  Keep my mind pure and clean and then able to help others to do the same.”

file0001256502069Jesus, in the short time of his public ministry, showed us everything to live by.  Recently, I was appalled at how social media has been used by evil people to spread terrorism around the world.  Really, aren’t the many quotes in scripture reminders to us about the tongue and about gossip and the consequences of spreading evil and starting trouble?  Nowhere does scripture mention the internet.  It doesn’t have to.     The Bible doesn’t mention television either.  Yet we are too avoid watching certain programs because of the damage it can do to our minds and our attitude — all based on God’s word.  It’s captivating, though, and can become addictive to be part of the rumors.